Monday, April 14, 2008

Chuck Close's Self Portrait <--- Link

With a faraway point of view, I see a portrait, or picture, of a man. A normal man with a beard and glasses. Coming closer and closer to the portrait, the picture seems a bit distorted and a more glassy. A passerby would come to realize that this portrait is made of a crazy amount of tiny squares. Each square is unlike its neighbor in tone, but alike in color. Each square is painted with both a light and dark tone color to express a certain blur and glow to the painting. The background is filled with the color blue, green, orange, and seemingly not a hint of black in site for the background. The shadows of Chuck Close’s right side of the face are very noticeable compared to his left side of the face. Centering on more details, Close’s eyes shine a deep light sea blue giving any onlooker an eerie stare. His lips and beard aren’t really filled in with high or defining colors that would define it’s exact shape or look.

Each and every square is so tiny and in a way, meaningless as many tiny units, but putting all those tiny little units together you get one defining shape and portrait of Chuck Close. This makes me feel like a small little man. Literally. We all as humans are merely made up of atoms that are in turn made up of protons and electrons that are made up of the energies that are essentially the tiny grains of sands that are the building blocks that make life. We are like the tiny squares and the world, or the universe, is the canvas we try to fill. Together, mankind may bring drastic change to the world. Close’s eyes are colored with a light sea blue color giving his eyes a mystical feeling. The eyes draw us as viewers in. The eyes are the key to this portraits attraction, the style compliments the eyes and it’s unusual depth.

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